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FCPS acknowledges LGBTQ History Month

On October 12, 2017, FCPS will announce LGBTQ History Month at a school board meeting during the announcements period just after the National Anthem. We will be developing materials and links for teachers and student clubs to use. Check back at this page: http://fcpspride.org/history/

FCPS appoints new Superintendent

Dr. Scott Brabrand, formerly principal of Fairfax High School and most recently superintendent of Lynchburg City Schools is the new superintendent of FCPS. We will be scheduling an introductory meeting with him later summer to introduce him to the concerns of parents of LGBTQ students, LGBTQ employees, and LGBTQ parents.

Special Election to School Board

August 29

Karen Keys-Gamarra won overwhelmingly in all districts. Karen reached out to FCPS Pride and we supported her fully in her candidacy. We expect her to be a strong voice for fairness on the FCPS School Board.

The picnic was a great success this year, with more than 85 people, including many littles, at various times during the day. Look for a similar event next summer.


FCPS postpones regulations:

The Fairfax County School Board voted in a closed session on July 19, 2016 to delay implementation of the released regulations.  We strongly encourage the school board to move forward as soon as possible after that ruling; Transgender students and their parents who have waited two years for this are losing their childhood. To see the regulations as they were released July 1, 2016 follow this link: TransRegulations

 We continue to advocate for implementation or redesign of these regulations. If you are interested in speaking to the board (either as a group or individually) contact president@fcpspride.org



School board election results 11-3-15



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